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Satisfaction in Tokyo escort lesson

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I was an escort girl in Tokyo few years ago, just after my boyfriend left me because he found out that I am working as an escort girl. I had to lie him because he was a very religious but good looking guy, and i didn’t want to loose him, but shits happen. I am not ashamed of it, I like my job, and the work I do is satisfying people.

Tokyo is the heart of Japan, is ranked fourth among the globas cities. It is a very big city, some people are calling it metropolis, but I don’t really think we can call it like this. New York can be called metropolis, I am telling you this, because before Tokio, I visited New York. People there are very helpful and most of them talk English so I was satisfied. At the begining I was scared of their culture and language, that i won’t be able to read nothing, but they were very kind all the time with me.

Men here are afraid of new experiences, because their wives cannot offer them very rich sexual experiences, because they are following the old school style. An escort girl can show them a lot of new things, new experiences they won’t forget. They cannot practice all of those new things with their wives, this is the reason why we, escort girls and porn star escort can earn a lot of money here. Men are smart here, they are working at big companies and driving fancy cars, and they have a lot of money to offer. But during my escort career, I have learnt that not everything is around money. People here need innovation in ther life, innovation in the sexual life and I know I can help them.

Being an escort here is easy because of the old-stylish women. I really believe that men need me because of my new-stlye from the big Europe. I started my meetings with talking about their lives, because I observed that this is the first step I have to make there to capture my clients attention. The next step is the blowjob, this is one of the best parts for my clients, because a good prelude is alwasy a good point for the relationship between escort and client. After the oral sex, I give a little massage on the sensitive parts, because in their culture, massage is an important part, and when the clients beg for the sex I give them what they want and how they want it. I was born to satisfy men all around the world, but I tell you: first of all you have to learn about their culture, because each men from different cultures needs different things.

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