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Tokyo escorts escort lesson

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Today’s lesson is about Tokyo escorts and facts about the capital of Japan. Of you want to be one of the Tokyo escorts, it’s good to know some details about the city, the demographics and culture. Tokyo escorts all know that sexual culture is very different from the European, so keep this in mind. If you are a call girl who loves to travel, maybe you can give a try to Japan. I had a girlfriend, who had great experiences with Japanese clients. Actually she wanted to travel around the world for a few months, because she had some spared money and wanted to take a break. However, she decided to advertise herself in those countries or cities where she had her holiday. She said it was a money enough to keep up the lifestyle. She had a plan to go to Japan as one of the Tokyo escorts and look around a little bit. There are many nice places in Japan, so she was ready to go there.

Tokyo escorts and advertisement

First of all it was not an easy task to find good quality local sites, as most of the Tokyo escorts sites were in Japanese language. You can imagine how hard is to read it even with Google translator, so the only solution was to find strong international websites where she could put her details, pictures and rates. It took many days to find some good sites, but she payed a few VIP advertisements on those websites to be sure that clients see her profile. As there are many escorts in Tokyo, it was smart thing to advertise and distinguish herself from other Tokyo escorts. Most of the Japan escorts are local, so she was sure to have some works as local men love to make sex with different types of women.

Tokyo escorts and clients

Well, we can hear many strange things from Japan. We know that they have small sexual appetite, the yearly sexual actions are about 50-52, the weakest statistics worldwide. You can ask yourself, then how can Tokyo escorts make money? Well, there is another thing to know about the country. Most of the men work 14+ hours a day and single, they do not focus on having a family or even a sexual partner. Most of the women do not have great sexual appetite as well and many virgins are over 30 in Japan. This makes it a good market, as men when they feel the need to make love, can only call Tokyo escorts to make sexual services for them. I do not want to talk about the strange sexual habits of Japan, many men love strange costums, masks, fetishes and cartoon sex. Anyway, it is said that they are very polite, I’ve never heard problems from Tokyo escorts who I knew. If you are more experienced about the market, you can work with escort agencies as well, many of them are capable to find customers for you in Tokyo. Well, I think I gave you a brief information about Tokyo escorts, use it wisely!

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